Sun and Moon, Rise and Set Time Results

Data for December , 2000
At Latitude 0:0.00 and Longitude 0:0.00
In Time Zone:
Daylight Savings Time is Off

This program may be freely copied.  This is the command line only version.
Execute: riseset sm mm dd yy lat long dl tz [mm dd yy] [>output_file | >prn]
  where: sm is 's', 'm' or 'r' for Sun, Moon or Range
  where: mm, dd, yy is 2 digits for month and day, year may be 2 or 4 digits
      If year is 2 digits: 50 through 49 means 1950 through 2049
      The optional final mm dd yy is the end of the range of dates.
  where: dl is 'y' or 'n' for daylight savings
  where: tz is timezone relative to Greenwich
  The output is to the screen unless redirected to a file or printer with '>'
Latitude and Longitude may be entered either in
  decimal, or degree, minutes [and seconds] as or dd:mm:ss.
  Either or both may be qualified with N, S, E, or W to indicate 
  North, South, East or West respectively.  N and W are the default.
  The quadrant letter is appended to the values as: 33:49.88S 104:3:26E
  Time zones are relative to Greenwich.
A time of 0:0:0 means does not rise/set or calculation out of bounds.
Moon time with a '+' or '-' means the time is for the next or previous day respectively.
Moon phase with a '*' indicates an eclipse.
'Transit' is the time at which the Sun/Moon is directly north.
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